Services We Offer​

Our company offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind solutions intended to meet our clients’ unique demands. It consists of a disciplined personal framework for doing specific work based on their personal needs and requirements.

Mobile Development
Windows, Linux, Mac


  • At Lakshana Technologies, we create scalable software solutions that can grow as your enterprise grows through the day to day updates.
  • With a passion for supporting and revolutionizing business solutions with regards to software, We ensure that you have scalable and innovative software solutions that streamline your processes efficiently.
  • We value collaboration and strive to create a positive working environment by embracing diversity and celebrating innovation.
  • From CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), HRM (Human Resource Management), WMS(Warehouse Management System) and many more, we provide a wide range of Software Solutions for various aspects of the Business realm as well as the IT realm.
  • Like every efficient company that provides flawless software solutions, even Lakshana follows the golden steps of Consult -> Design -> Develop -> Deploy -> Support
  • We all are aware that Smart phones have essentially transformed the way we communicate with one another as well as the digital world. If you want to survive this dynamic environment, you need to transform the way you model your business thereby re-defining the IT infrastructure including mobile applications in a way that can improve accessibility, productivity & efficiency of the employees and clients.
  • Lakshana Technologies addresses your mobility needs with the best possible solutions and outcomes as we understand the need to improve visibility and dynamism with increased control over your content.
  • We use the current technologies and combine it with system integration techniques in order to offer the best intuitive interface and rich user experience.
  • At Lakshana, we build mobile apps that re-use and interact with the systems and data you already have and hence resulting in the reduction of your costs to transform your business. requirements.
  • We work on MDM (Mobile Device Management), MSM (Mobile Security Management), MAM (Mobile Application Management), Location Management.
  • Our centralized focus comprises of Native (Android / iOS / Windows) and Hybrid (React Native) Mobile application development.

Android, iOS, Windows, React Native


ASP.NET, C#, Java, PHP

Cloud Based

  • As you know, the rapidly changing IT landscape makes it hard for a firm to decide what are the necessary IT solutions to choose, as it can be difficult to know how your business stacks up against the ‘top’ firms. This results in uncertainty about how much or how little to spend on IT.
  • Imagine if you could take your office with you wherever you went without compromising on performance or safety. This is where the famous Cloud based services come in handy.
  • Cloud replaces the need for on-site servers or time wasted waiting for applications to catch-up with our virtual generation and Lakshana Technologies implement the Cloud based Solutions effectively when required.
  • The benefits of cloud based services are the following:
  • Scalability, Security, Flexibility, Support Oriented, Disaster Proof and Backed up across multiple Data Centres.
  • Two of the major abilities offered by cloud oriented solutions at Lakshana Technologies are Reduced Downtime and Secure Data Accessibility from anywhere.
  • The back-end technologies used in Cloud are .NET, JAVA, Full Stack. Hosted in AWS or Azure.
  • Lakshana Technologies is a human-centred website design company committed to delivering superior Websites that empower people to achieve their goals.
  • We believe that it is highly fundamental to see the world from the perspective of our clients and the end-users of our products.
  • Affordability, Compatibility, SEO, Google Analytics, Content Management System are by far the most vital elements of a flawless web design and we ensure that all of these would be met without any compromise.
  • Domain Registration and Hosting are also part of our web development packages which also include Mobile Friendly/ Shopping cart types of designs.
  • The platforms we indulge in are WordPress, Bootstrap, Joomla, JavaScript Animated (Angular JS) and many more.
  • Cost-effective stylish websites are what we strive to achieve and similar to the Software Design steps, our website design comprises of Consultation -> Design Selection -> Content Addition -> Review/ Changes -> Deployment and Support.

HTML5, CSS3, JS, Angular JS, React JS, Bootstrap, WordPress..